Tomato and Chicken One Pan Rice

The afternoons go by so quickly and with winter upon us it gets dark extremely quick so dinner is required to be on the table quick. I am sharing a delicious Tomato & Chicken one pan rice.


400 grams Chicken Tenderloins

1 Cup White Rice

100 grams sundried tomatoes, diced

1 Tablespoon of Oil from sundried tomatoes

1 can of Diced Tomatoes

2 teaspoons Cayenne Pepper

1 teaspoon of Paprika

250 grams Chicken Stock

Olive Oil


1. Heat deep dish frypan on medium heat

2. Add a small amount of olive oil and add chicken to lightly brown for 1-2 minutes

3. Remove chicken from the pan and place on a small piece of paper towel

4. Add Rice, Paprika and Cayenne Pepper to the pan and stir using a wooden spoon to coat the rice

5. Add sundried tomatoes and oil from sundried tomatoes to the pan and stir for 1 minute

6. Add diced tomatoes and chicken stock to the pan and store to combine

7. Carefully add chicken back to the pan

8. Turn heat down to low and cover with a lid

9. Simmer for 20 minutes – Stir every 5-7 minutes so rice does not stick to the pan and it is ready to serve! 

 Serves 4

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