Third Trimester Must Haves


The third and final Trimester is here and whilst I still have a few short weeks to go there have been so many must haves I knew I could release this a little earlier.

I got a lot of warning about how long the final trimester is but truthfully I think it has absolutely flown especially the last couple of weeks.

Today I am sharing 8 products/experiences that I have been using during the third trimester, I am also still using the same products I shared in my first and second trimester must haves which are linked down below.

Heat Pillow

Aches and Pains will have you reaching for a heat pillow – this and warm showers have been my savour the last couple of weeks.

Ecostore Ultra Sensative Laundry Powder

The power to nest will be so strong that you will actually enjoy washing and folding all the little baby clothes. I have been using this powder for all of Peppercorn’s clothing and bedding.


If you haven’t already take some time out before your little one comes – we were lucky to have two little getaways and they could not have been any more relaxing and also prepared me mentally to leave work and accept I was not going back for a while.

Prenatal Yoga

If you are lucky enough to be able to have enough energy I would suggest prenatal yoga I found it calming, relaxing and also helpful on my body once it started to get heavier – it is a little harder as baby gets into position but I have found the movement allows your body to cope with the final changes during pregnancy

Rest Days

Early in my pregnancy I practically fought with the midwife to allow me to work until 38 weeks – she suggested finishing at 35 and I though I was going to be crazy bored but as I am I now into my second week of leave I can not thank her enough, I have been crazy busy but also taking a little bit of me time throughout each day to at least enjoy a hot chocolate whilst I read a chapter of a book.

Daily Walks

Nothing beats a little stroll, I have been surprisingly lucky during my pregnancy to actually feel healthier and fitter than I have in my whole adulthood, I am not entirely sure how that has worked with the constant sickness but I am going to take it in my stride. I have found myself enjoying little strolls and exercise which is good not just for me and Bubs but also for my mental state (as much as I would love to just lay down all day)

Eucalyptus Doterra Essential Oils

This has been a life saver for me in the last couple of weeks, not sure if it was finishing work or just my body relaxing but my first day of maternity leave I was struck with the dreaded flu and have been diffusing this around the house ever since which allows me to get a decent night sleep (considering). I have really loved using certain oils during my pregnancy

Note – Please research the benefits and possible risks before using oils with your doctor

Hospital Bag

Everyone has different opinions on what you need for your hospital bag – the hospital I am booked in at is a quick in and out experience so I do not need to take much with me, plus my husband can bring anything I need extra as we do not live too far. I am using a Country Road duffle bag for me as it is easy to carry and can hold a decent amount.

So that was my 8 third trimester must haves, we are nearly there! I will be sharing what I packed for my hospital bag as well as sweet Bubs and what I actually used when we leave the hospital. We also have the exciting nursery reveal I just have a few small things that need to be done before it is revealed.

Let me know in the comments if you have any third trimester must haves that you would recommend to anyone expecting a new bundle of joy.

Please note these products were chosen by me and are in no way affiliated. I have shared products that I truly used and loved during my third trimester.

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