The Wrong Side of Twenty Five by Kate Armitage – Book Review

You know those feelings when you have a vision for what it would be like by your next birthday or perhaps a milestone birthday, like your 25th when suddenly you are a quarter of the way through your life? Meet Kylie who has just realised she is in a very different position than she expected at the tender age of 25.

Title: The Wrong Side of Twenty-Five

Author: Kate Armitage

Release Date: December 28th, 2017

Blurb: With newsfeeds full of perfect pouts, hot-dog legs and the self-proclaimed hashtag-blessed, it’s hard not to feel inadequate. How has everyone figured out how to live their best life except you?

That’s what Kylie wants to know. She thought she would spend her twenty-fifth birthday having a mini-break not a mini-breakdown. After an evening of finger-food and snide remarks, Kylie decides that things must change. Naturally, Alexa disagrees. She doesn’t think anything needs to change and is quite happy plodding on with her best friend by her side. So, when everything changes for the better for Alexa, while it’s going from bad to worse for Kylie; will it tear them apart?

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From the first page to the last Kylie and Alexa’s relationship is relatable and will find it hard to believe no other female has gone through these emotions whether at 25 or any other birthday.

The wrong side of Twenty Five is the debut novel from Kate and is easily written for a summer read over the Christmas Break, I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to reading more of Kate’s writing.

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Author: Kate Armitage

Author Bio: Kate Armitage is a writer from England who has three cats, two children and one husband. She lives an alarmingly conventional life which surprises everyone who speaks to her for more than five minutes. She spends her days knee-deep in play-doh and spends her nights elbow deep in manuscripts. Sometimes she lets the children also use the play-doh but only if they promise not to mix the colours.

You can find Kate on social media under @itskatearmitage or through her website

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