Summer Entertaining with Birch & Waite

Summer Entertaining
Summer is about to get a little fancy with these Summer Entertaining Tips thanks to Birch & Waite.

Creamy, smooth and full of flavour – they range will be on summer rotation through your favourite meals.

This post contains gifted product.

Birch and Waite have been a well known brand for many years in Australia, a family run business for over 30 years who have pride in bringing consumers only the best ingredients.

Over the last couple of weeks we have tested out the Free Range Mayonnaise range featuring 4 flavours

-Mexican Chipotle

-Signature Whole Egg

-Italian Truffle

-Aioli Garlic

The possibilities to combine these unique flavours into your Summer Entertaining is endless. To help out with your Summer Entertaining I am going to share some tips for each unique flavour to spice up your normal meals and snacks.

Aioli Garlic

The perfect amount of Garlic in an Aioli this mayonnaise does not disappoint and is the perfect finishing touch to many great recipes

1. Add to Pasta Salads for a creamy and garlic flavour – sometimes to simplest pasta salads are the best!

2. Add to a bowl of Wedges – you will not be disappointed!

Italian Truffle

I personally am not a huge fan of truffle flavour, but I found this to be enjoyable to add to some dishes.

1. Chicken Salad is a must – simply grill some chicken and coat in Italian truffle mayonnaise once cooled and toss with some lettuce and parmesan for a simple salad.

Mexican Chipotle

I think this is my favourite other than the signature – this is perfect for any Mexican feast!

1. Add to your 7 layer dip – I mixed two tablespoons with the sour cream layer for an extra burst of Mexican flavour

2. Burritos, Tacos and more……..

Signature Mayonnaise

So many possibilities for this Mayonnaise but my favourite recipe is my Summer Potato Salad – just thinking about it makes me want to eat it right now

Birch and Waite products are available in all supermarkets

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