Modern and Neutral Baby Registry Items

Having a baby has well and truly changed over the years but for some they still want that element of surprise but somethings can go overboard and with a modern neutral baby registry for your baby shower it can assist with the purchases and also help out the parents to be.

Not finding out the sex of your baby is still a shock to people these days, we have endured so many queries including what will they wear, how will you buy a pram and what about naming the baby?! 

When it came to my baby shower it was suggested to me to create a baby registry to assist with some of these queries and also give an idea to friends and family as to the direction we were going with our baby. I liked the idea but didn’t want to dictate what needed to be purchase because the way I saw it we chose to bring this baby into the world and I should buy the things I wanted not expect them to be given to me. 

In the end I agreed I would do a small registry at the shop I had brought most of my baby stuff. I had over 50 women in my life come to my baby shower so chose around 20 items to add to my registry this allowed my mum to have a guide into the queries she would get during RSVPs and also allowed me to go purchase the remaining items closer to the date.

Note – I do understand not everyone is a fan of the baby registry but this post can also be used as a guide for what to buy as a present for your next baby shower.

I personally would not suggest placing items on the registry like nappies, books, lotions, clothes etc as these are basic items people would buy for baby showers instead use a registry for more specific items you have read about, been suggested or would like to try for baby. The items below are a guide as to what products I brought myself or got gifted that I found made my life easier in the last 6 weeks as a mum.

Modern Neutral Baby Registry Items 

Love to Dream Swaddle Wraps

My daughter is like the Houdini of the bassinet no matter what we wrap or dress her in she can somehow wiggle out of if, these love to dream swaddles allows her to have her hands near her face without waking her up and keep her warm regardless of her wiggling out of clothes or blankets.

Baby Bath

Little did I realise just how important a good bath is, luckily my dad was with me as a voice of reason when it came to choosing a bath for my registry. Look for a sturdy bath that with an inbuilt attachment for Bubs to lie in as well as a plug, this will come in extremely handy during the first couple of weeks when you are a bit tender post birth as these baby baths can be surprisingly heavy.  

Bath Thermometer

A must have, I am horrible with temperature so was so grateful when a family member brought me a bath Thermometer as my mind was at ease for how warm and how quickly the bath water goes. 

Bumbo Seat

I have yet to use my Bumbo but these are great for when baby wants to sit up a bit more and explore the world. They are a perfect addition to registries as they can grow with baby including a snack table addition.

Baby in sight car mirror

Unfortunately you can not be chauffeured around for the remainder of your life with the new baby, these mirrors allow you to see the baby from the front of the car to easily check of baby. 

Pram Pegs

A true lifesaver for any parent, the pram pegs can be used for anything from securing a cover onto the pram to securing your pram lining – they are available in a range of colours for those outside of the monochrome of gender neutral 

Muslin Wraps

These are worth their weight (lightweight) in gold perfect for wrapping baby, covering the pram and for cleaning up a bathroom explosion. You can never have too many of them and they wash really well and quick drying.

Gro Egg Room Thermometer

They always said dress baby in the same amount of layering plus one more but with the Gro Egg Room Thermometer you can use the colours as a guide – yellow is the perfect temperature so your mind is at ease in a quick glance. Perfect for this mum who wears winter pyjama pants and singlets all year round.


Bouncers have come a long way since I was born looking at photos recently, I personally prefer the ‘traditional’ bouncer rather than the glider,vibrating swing style that will rock your baby to sleep as well. This is a perfect gift to pool together with some friends and will be so appreciated by the parents. 

There are so many items you can buy gender neutral these days and even if you know the sex of your baby this will be a good guide as to what to add to your registry or ask your friends and family to purchase for you.

Do you have a product to add that you could not live without and would recommend to expectant mums. 

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