Learning to Drive

Do you remember those days of learning how to drive: The tricky bits that everyone endures and quickly forgets especially when teaching the next person.

 That first session is one of the most stressful experiences.

Driving does not seem like a hard think to do but getting out on to the open road can be overwhelming and feel extremely busy especially in peak traffic times and on weekends.

This post is a collaboration post.

Adapting to different cars these days are easier with assistance and cameras at the drivers and passengers peace of mind.

Learning to drive can be taught by a family member or a trusted licence holder or you can hire a driver instructor to assist with learning. As a learner or teacher you need to be comfortable with one another to ensure you have a pleasant environment whilst in a somewhat stressful environment. Toptests can help you get better at driving.

There are a few things you can do before going out on the road:

Be Confident

Whilst we all want to hit the open road from that first moment one of the best things my dad did for me was take me into a quiet industrial area and car parks to get used to the car, the size and also the blind spots without the added stress of surrounding vehicles.  

Driving a manual car spend as much time as you can on pulling away smoothly without stalling. Whilst you will stall a few times it is best to get these out in a empty car park or area, there will be a lot of frustration when learning how to deal with a manual car.

Hill starts

Hill starts are the learner drivers worst enemy, still to this day it is as a driver. It takes time and practice to get used to Hill Starts but confidence building is just one piece of learning to drive at first.


There are different pressures to use your brakes, you do not want to ride your brakes but you also do not want to leave it to the last moment. Each car is different and conditions can easily change the environment for breaking.

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