First Trimester Must Haves

Ever wondered what will help you through those first months of the First Trimester? Having just gone through it I thought I would share my 8 first Trimester must haves to keep you feeling comfortable.

For some pregnancy is easy for others the first trimester will be the biggest hurdle from the initial ‘I think I may be pregnant’ straight to that constant nauseous feeling.

Finding out I was pregnant came with practically no symptoms except for the usual one – no period. We waited a few days to test even though we both knew the answer that we were we didn’t want to rush, we were pretty calm and collected looking back. We kept it to ourselves for a few days before telling our immediate family, those first few days I felt a little nauseous but I think it was more nerves as to what was ahead and how we were going to keep it secret for that first Trimester.

After telling our family that first weekend I proclaimed at a mere 4 weeks pregnant I was feeling great and had no sickness…that lasted approximately 4 days after we went on a cruise and I spent the remainder in bed unable to eat or drink until I got off the cruise boat to be able to seek medical assistance. It was rough and continued well past my first Trimester, but there were some things that helped me along the way feel as comfortable and healthy as I could and I thought I would share what helped me over the first trimester. 

Elevit Tablets

I started taking Elevit each night during dinner before I got pregnant, during the first Trimester I continued to take it to my best ability for the best start of life for the baby especially being so sick.

Vegemite on Toast

After seeking medical assistance for my extreme all day sickness the one thing I found comfort in food wise was Vegemite. A piece of Vegemite Toast was like going to an all you can eat buffet for me and was able to settle those nauseous feelings after not eating for a few days at a time.

DoTerra Oils

Going to work and not telling anyone your pregnant or suffering extreme morning sickness is hard but I found with a few drops of Peppermint Oil on an Essential Oil bracelet each morning I was able to suffice the day as best as I could. Everyone at work was surprised when I announced and never knew how truly unwell I was.

Camelbak Eddy Bottle

My best friend! Water is your best friend especially to keep hydrated if you are unwell. I found really cold water helped me keep it down and also kept me as hydrated as possible. I carried this around pre-pregnancy so it was one of the normal things in my routine as well.

Pregnancy Body Pillow

Even though during the first Trimester you are not ‘showing’ with all the changes to your body sleeping will sometimes be a little bit difficult, I found purchasing this early allowed me a better sleep and also a prop for those nights where the morning sickness continues.

What to Expect when your Expecting

Whilst this book is massive and you will never read it all I found this book helpful to have for those quick questions or intriguing when will this happen moments. It is full of advise as well as real questions that you too might be thinking.

Honest Company Organic Belly Balm

Start immediately with a belly or body Balm – it will help the first initial stretching feelings whilst keeping your skin hydrated. There are a number of brands on the market, I brought this online when doing an Honest order as it is hard to get in Australia and thought I would try this for the first Trimester.

Ovia Pregnancy App

The days can sometimes feel long and the symptoms bring you a bit down but with the Ovia app you are able to track your babies growth and activity each day. It is amazing what you will learn and as each week passes you will be greated with a new fruit size of your baby.

So those were my 8 must haves to help you through the first Trimester. If I could offer one more piece of advise it would be to take time for yourself, I unfortunately tried so hard to keep my work unaware of what was happening that by the time I got home each night I was depleted and spent most of my nights and weekends being sick.

Let me know in the comments if you have any first trimester must haves that you would recommend to anyone expecting a new bundle of joy.

Please note these products were chosen by me and are in no way affiliated. I have shared products that I truly used and loved during my first trimester. 

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