Faking it by Gabrielle Tozer – Book Review

Faking It is the sequel to The Intern – you can read my review of The Intern by Gabrielle Tozer here

I am so happy to have Josie back in my life and the sequel to Faking It is everything we could ever want to continue with Josie on her journey. 
Josie has a new job, new boyfriend and slowly becoming more comfortable becoming successful in her own way, but there are a few ways little Josie is still the same girl. 
Josie now works for Indi, who is about to launch but her current team will need her to step up in a big way when a series of events requires Josie to step up to fill in and essentially fake her way to keep the magazine afloat. While she looks like she is keeping it all together on the surface, deep down she has spun herself into a slight series of lies which can easily unravel if someone finds out.
If someone finds out she is faking it – not only her professional life will be endanger but also her personal life could come tumbling apart. 
How do you keep it all together when piece by piece it is threatening to fall apart?
I absolutely adored Faking It and loved the journey Josie endured. I read this novel in one day while on holidays recently and was in awe of Gabrielle’s writing, I believe she continued to make the characters relatable and the situations/emotions that Josie endures are some that everyone comes across professionally and personally. 
The only let down for Faking It is that I wanted more…but regardless it is one of my favourite books I have read this year. 
Will there be a third novel I am not sure yet, but I will keep you up to date if I hear anything 
Have you read The Intern or Faking It?

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