Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine by Gail Honeyman

Eleanor is on the outer she struggles to keep a friendship due to her awkward social skills including telling people exactly what she thinks about them or the situation.

Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine is the debut novel for Gail Honeyman and is an amazing insight into the mind of Eleanor. 

Alcohol loving, mother dependant and socially awkward Eleanor struggles to get through life, including her once a week scheduled phone calls with her ‘Mummy’ where her mother berates and belittles her, but Eleanor is completely fine….or is she? 

Thirty, Alone and Social Awkward we are brought into Eleanor’s daily structured life that is soon turned upside down, through thick and thin we find out the true Eleanor and just how she deals with being….well being Eleanor Oliphant of course.

A series of events bring Eleanor to the surface including an awkward incounters with the new guy at work, who would have thought an IT helpdesk worker would be less socially awkward than Eleanor.

I absolutely devoured this book and was left wanting more, if you loved The Rosie Project you will love this, Eleanor to me is the female version of Don and I loved it. Throughout the novel Eleanor goes through a metamorphosis which is will have you laughing along and even crying.

The novel is broken down into 3 parts 

– Good Days

– Bad Days and;

– Better Days

A truly remarkable and inspirational debut novel, I fell deep in love with Eleanor and I hope you do too

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