DIY Yoghurt Bark

DIY Yoghurt Bark - Strawberry

DIY Yoghurt Bark is a delicious 2 ingredient treat that can bring a new life to yoghurt

This recipe features fresh strawberries

Lately I have been trying to find new ways to eat the food I don’t get alot of in my day and one of those is dairy – being lactose intolerant I can get away with eating a small piece before symptoms arrive and Yoghurt is one of those things I used to love to eat and now I can enjoy it a piece at a time.

2 Ingredients for a delicious frozen treat


6-8 Strawberries – Halved

170g Plain Chobani Yoghurt


1. Line a rectangle baking tin with baking paper

2. Pour yoghurt into the tin and ensure yoghurt is even and smoothed

3. Place strawberries on top of the yoghurt

4. Place in the freezer for 4-6 hours until set

5. Remove frozen yoghurt from the freezer and using a knife cut into shards

6. Serve and Enjoy

DIY Yoghurt Bark - Strawberry

This will last in an air-sealed container in the freezer and is easily interchangeable with a variety of berries.

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