Crafting Can Have a Positive Influence on Your Health

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Crafting has had a huge resurgence recently with everyone wanting a piece of the homemade lifestyle and if you visit here frequently you know it is good for your soul. Whether you are sitting at a sewing machine, hand sewing, knitting or any other craft you will find it relaxes you in ways that you other things can not.

What’s not to love about making things with your own hands, the joy of learning new techniques and putting your heart and soul in to them. It’s really important that we look after our hearts, emotionally and physically, because as the infographic below shows high blood pressure – most commonly caused by stress – is the leading cause of heart disease in the United States. In Australia it is also on the rise and whilst exercise is important we live in a very over stimulated world so spending at least 15 minutes per day crafting can help you.

The University of Arizona has found that taking care of your health, by quitting smoking, getting enough sleep each night, maintaining a healthy diet, and attending regular doctor’s appointments, you can lower your risk of heart disease.  As we age, our likelihood of CHD increases so taking steps now to improve your health is the best thing you can do.

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The Understanding Chronic Conditions: Cardiovascular Disease infographic was created by

I would highly recommend spending at least 15 minutes a day thinking creatively or spending that time creating, it will allow you to focus, relax and also stimulate your mind with a craft you enjoy to do. It may also help you achieve more on your days off in your craft room as you have focused a small amount of time throughout your busy week to moving forward on your next work in progress.

Do you find crafting relaxing after a tough day or week?

Share your favourite crafts that you lie to do a bit each day.

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