Confetti Unicorn Fudge

I love creating sweet treats for family and friends and one thing that has exploded in my love of baking is colours and sprinkles. Fudge is so simple to make in the thermomix and this recipe uses just 5 ingredients to create your own unicorn fudge.


150 grams White Chocolate Melts

100 grams Butter

40 grams Glucose Syrup

Can of Condensed Milk



1. Place White Chocolate in the Thermomix and secure lid and measuring cup and crush chocolate for 15 seconds on speed 5. Place into a bowl to the side until later in the recipe.

2. Place Condensed Milk, Butter and Glucose Syrup into the Thermomix and secure lid, leaving measuring cup off. Place on 100 degrees for 9 minutes on Speed 3.

3. Add White Chocolate and continue to cook on Varoma for a further 12 minutes on Speed 2.

4. Pour mixture into a lined baking tray and let cool on the bench for 5 minutes.

5. Add sprinkles to the cover the entire top of the fudge in the tray.

6. Place in the fridge once cool to set

7. Cut into little squares and enjoy

This will be a hit for sure and especially good for children’s birthday parties.

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