Change of Lifestyle

It is so easy to make excuses and I know I have in the past but reality has well and truly set in when looking at photos of myself pre-pregnancy.

I have written before about how during my pregnancy I was the healthiest and fittest I had been in years, a contradiction to everything I thought being pregnant was. I suffered from extreme Morning Sickness (24 hours a day!) with not even able to hold water down which was treated with mediciation to then another contradiction which was being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. You can read more about my diabetes journey here!

I am currently 15 kilos lighter than what I was pre-pregnancy with light walks and healthier eating during and post pregnancy – my taste buds have changed I used to love a cold glass of cordial whereas now the sweetness is too much for me. Now I have seen the healthier lifestyle I would love to become even more fitter and healthier not just for me but also my family. To keep myself accountable I have created a new instagram page where I will document my food and progress – this is more for me than anyone but I know some people love to follow through. 

I will continue to bake sweet treats for the blog but also allow others to do the taste testing 😂 

I have joined up the The Healthy Mummy app to assist with some at home exercises for the days it is hard to leave the house and to give myself a guide for what to eat because exclusively breast feeding makes you extremely hungry and I do not want to continue reaching for those delicious    Mint Slice biscuits 

It’s not all about diet and exercise for me it is a change of lifestyle! 

Please feel free to follow my journey to healthy

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