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Learning to Drive

Do you remember those days of learning how to drive: The tricky bits that everyone endures and quickly forgets especially when teaching the next person.  That first session is one of the most stressful experiences.

One Word for 2017

A clean page to start the next 365 days with and to create the next chapter of our lives. One Word for 2017 is a great way to stay accountable for your goals and your progress for the year ahead. – Affordable glasses for any occasion 

Glasses are the ultimate accessory, but when you wear prescription glasses they can make or break an outfit or even a crafting project. I am also known for having filthy glasses that constantly need cleaning but with I do not need to worry about all…

How to Study while you Travel

How to study while you travel – Whether you’re taking a short holiday or going on a worldwide tour, combining travel with study can be a difficult balancing act but it can be done.

Spring Fling Dresses

Spring Fling Dresses – The weather is warming up in Australia and that is the perfect time to get spring and summer ready with beauty and dresses!

Visiting the Sydney Craft Show

  Crafters and Makers united for the love of fabric, quilts, creatively and friendship each year at the craft show. Let me take you on a little look into Visiting the Sydney Craft Show