Blocks 51-60 #100days100blocks

The days are going quicker and today marks Day 60 and we are well into the second half of the sew along.

I have really enjoyed creating, sharing, discussing and swooning over all the blocks from all over the world. The fabrics chosen are simply stunning. I am creating mine with 10 different Tula Pink fabric ranges and will continue these over the next 40 blocks

I am posting my blocks for my own reference and also to create a timeline of the process of making the complete quilt.

Block Fifty-One made in Fox Field

Block Fifty-Two made from True Colors

Block Fifty-Three made from Acacia

Block Fifty-Four made from Elizabeth

Block Fifty-Five made from Eden

Block Fifty-Six made from The Birds and The Bees

Block Fifty-Seven made from Bumble

Block Fifty-Eight made from Chipper

Block Fifty-Nine made from Moonshine

Block Sixty made from Acacia

I am loving how it is coming together with the next 10 blocks and working on the final design of the Tula Pink City Sampler and how the blocks will be placed.

I can not wait to share the next 10 with you – if you want to see them live make sure you are following me on Instagram as they post first thing each morning.

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