BellaBaby Box July 2017


I am so excited to be able to start using the Bubs products I have been receiving from the BellaBaby boxes over the last couple of months, July is the first box I get to test straight away with Miss P 

BellaBaby Box provides Mums and Bubs with sample and full size products to test and try out each month, the products range each month to ensure you are covered from pregnancy, newborn and beyond. BellaBaby Box is perfect to trial and test out products without wasting your money and time in the baby stores or supermarkets looking for the next product to try.

In the July 2017 box they have produced a curated box full of things for Bubs and Mums but the focus this month is more on Mum!
Gifts for Mums

Garnier BB Cream 

A must have due to the lack of sleep a newborn gifts you during the first couple of weeks, months or even years. Garnier is a well known brand so I was surprised to see it available in the BellaBaby Box as a full size product. BB creams are great if you do not have time for a full face of makeup.

Magnetix Nail Polish

Unfortunately one thing that I was looking forward to being pregnant was my nails growing but that was not to be but luckily I can use this nail polish on my toes when I get an opportunity. 

Argital Fine Green Marine Clay

A clay mask for your face and body which assists with anti-aging, I have never tried a clay mask but I am looking forward to giving this a go

Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream

Made from Jeju orchids this Cream has a gorgeous consistency and is an anti-aging product. I love the sample size as it is perfect to add to your baby baby or overnight bag for a quick pick me up.

Goodies for Bubs

Resparkle Sleepytime Milk Bath Soak

I love soaks for babies and can not wait to try these out with Miss P especially a sleepytime one, although she does love the bath so much it will probably have the opposite effect.

BabyU Goats Milk Baby Wipes

I have been so intrigued by the Goats Milk range available in supermarkets so was excited to try the BabyU Goats Milk Baby Wipes and they are so soft and whilst alcohol free they smell devine, this will be a product I will actively purchase.

Munchkin Latch Bottle

A transition bottle to use when transitioning off the breast, I am currently breastfeeding so will not be using this for a while but with the Anti-Colic in the bottle it will be helpful for any mums and Bubs transitioning to part or full time bottles

Bubba Organics Lavender and Chamomile Baby Bottom Cream

Shea Butter, Calendule, Aloe Vera and Olive provide this Organic baby bottom Cream additional ingredients that will soothe any little bottle. The Cream smells amazing without all the nasty ingredients

If you are pregnant or know a a new mum I highly recommend gifting a BellaBaby Box – it will be a cherished with little treats for Bubs and Mums.

I received the BellaBaby Box for a trial and to be able to share this amazing product with my readers, as always all opinions are my own.

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