An evening with David Levithan & Rainbow Rowell

A night out with travelling authors is always going to end up as a fun night, but little did we know dual readings were going to step up multiple levels.

Last night I attended the David Levithan and Rainbow Rowell event at Kinokuniya – I have been anticipating this event since it got announced and all the Melbourne Writers Festival tweets and Instagram photos being shared during David and Rainbow’s sessions.

We were lucky enough to get tickets in the second row and have a perfect view of the amazing dual reading from each of their novels.

David and Rainbow first read from David’s latest release You Know Me Well with his co-author Nina LaCour. You Know Me Well has been an amazingly loved booked since its release earlier this year and it was amazing hearing the characters be brought to life. I instantly knew I had to purchase this book on my way out of the store.

Secondly Rainbow and David read from Rainbow’s 2015 published Carry On, which was a heavily cheered for book with the audience.

Having been to quite a few book events it’s rare to get two authors to read chapters from their books with each other, but I loved how it was just second nature to each of them. You can really tell they have been enjoying travelling together in Australia.

Next up was Q&A with the audience – there were some fantastic questions about the character building process, who their favourite characters are and the attachment you feel with the characters they write.
I know as a reader I get attached to characters and always want to know more after the book has ended but I think it was wisely answered with sometimes when the book ends so does the character and that is done for a reason.

It was a fantastic night at Kinokuniya and I look forward to reading the two books I purchased from Rainbow and David.

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