8 things to do before 8am

If you are not an earlier riser it can be hard to be motivated to move before 8am on weekdays, let alone weekends. I find myself way more productive if I am up early, if I do decide to ‘lay in’ or more so be awake but not get out of bed I find myself larthagic for the entire day and go to bed way earlier than normal.

These can help you be motivated whether you work full time,part time or a stay at home parent/carer.

I am going to share with you 8 things I ensure I do by 8am to have a productive day. This start I always finish the day off with writing the next days to do list whether that is just a list of things I need to do the next day like appointments or pay bills or even what to cook for dinner.

Now these are not in any particular order to how I do things but I find if I achieve these 8 things my mornings, day and in-turn nights are so much easier to keep on top of tasks and do not feel overwhelmed.

Put a load of washing on

Putting a load of washing on takes no time at all if you sort it all out as your washing pile grows. If your washing machine allows you to you could always put a load on delay start so it is ready for you to hang out in the morning dependant on your requirements for the morning.

Unpack the dishwasher

Unpacking the dishwasher is a worse job than packing it, this is the job I do in the morning whilst waiting for the kettle to boil, it really does not take that long but allows you to have an easier night when preparing dinner later in the morning.

Be showered, dressed and ready to go

I find having a shower and getting ready if I am going out or not is a must to have a more productive day, whilst it is tempting to stay in your pjs it does not much for the motivation factor.

Make the bed

To be honest this has only been on my must do over the last couple of months, it never really did bother but I found myself so much happier coming home or walking into my bedroom during the day.

Spend 5 to 10 minutes cleaning/tidying

I have always loved the feeling of spending 5 to 10 minutes doing so cleaning/tidying and rewarding myself with a chapter of a book or something along those lines. They say if you spent only 5 minutes doing something each day it quickly adds up – 5 minutes a day equals to 35 minutes a week!

Eat a healthy breakfast

Unfortunately to me breakfast was never a high priority on my to do list until about 5 months into my pregnancy when I was told I had to eat breakfast regardless, these days it is one of the first things I do in the morning and allows me to have more energy and motivation to keep on top of the days tasks.

Do at least one action item on your to do list

Review your to-do ist you wrote the night before and start your morning with ticking one off, whether it be paying a bill, replying to an email or even pulling out the ingredients for lunch or dinner.

Take a moment to review and prioritise your to do list

Whilst writing a to do list is great it is even better to prioritise, whilst eating your breakfast take the time to prioritise your to do list so that you can know what is a must do for that day and perhaps some of the tasks can be moved over to the next days list if there really is not much time to achieve, this will allow you to have an acceptable idea of how your day will pan out.

It seems like quite a bit to achieve before 8am but each task does not take too long and will keep you motivated for the rest of the day.

Do you have any tips or must do tasks to achieve each day? Comment them below

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