Looking for a challenge for 2017? #100days100blocks2017 is about to start in less than a week and the sponsors are amazing!

Last year Angie from Gnomeangel, Raylee from Sunflower Quilting and myself hosted the first #100days100blocks and we decided we wanted to do it all again! The best thing is the actual day to day challenge is the same – Make all 100 blocks over the next 100 days starting May 7th!

Why May 7th you ask well when Angie and I first met we instantly were quilting besties and we soon realised that we were born on the same day 11 years apart – one day we would love to meet some other sewers born on the same day 11 years apart (contact me if you are 😀)

When is the Sew Along Starting?

Starting Date is 7th May – This is Day 1 Block 1 and will continue each day until the 15th August 2017 – the Sew Along is purely on Instagram so to be part your profile will need to be public.

Blocks can be posted any time during the day, they are required to be posted on the correct day in your Timezone and have to be the individual block not previously quilted blocks.

We are able to check timezones so please do not worry about stressing if you see some of our New Zealand or Australian participants posting a little earlier than in your Timezone.

This years hashtag is #100days100blocks2017 – there is no sign ups just simply use the hashtag on your photos on Instagram to be part of amazing community that will be participating.

Making the Blocks

Constructing the blocks is easy to follow through the block – with construction diagrams, sizes and colour options. Blocks do need to be constructed the same way they are in the book to be eligible for prizes throughout the sew along. Although you can choose any fabrics they do not need to be from the Tula Pink Range

Exclusive Deals for Participants

We are so lucky to have a range of sponsors that have offered some great bundles – there are more details on Angie’s Blog here

My #100days100blocks2017 journey

I have been preparing slowly for the 2017 sew along behind the scenes and knew instantly I would use my stash of Kaffe Fasset fabrics to bring my next #100days100blocks to life!

My top 5 tips for staying on top of the sew along

– Cut and Sew your blocks in lots of 7 (a week worth) or 10 (the chapters of the book)

– Choose a variety of fabrics for your blocks so in the final placement of your quilt it will suite rather than be similar

– Write all the hashtags into your notes portion of your phone or even create a shortcut that will allow you to be eligible for the prizes at ease

– Use an app called Prime to schedule your photos this will send you a reminder to post when it is time

– My number one favourite ruler for this sew along is the Fat Quarter Shop Creative Grids 2.5″ x 6.5″ ruler – I used this last year and will be using this again this year.

Please note each prize will also come with its own requirements so be sure to pay attention to the details that are provided throughout the event

If you are following our Instagram accounts you will get all the information you need to keep up-to-date with the giveaways. You will not need to go anywhere else for the information, it will all be on Instagram. But, because we know that people like to have a point of reference you will be able to come back here any time and read up on what is happening and how the sew along is going.