In the Dark, in the Woods by Eliza Wass


The Cresswells are unlike anyone else, they were brought up thinking they were the last pure people in the world.

A world of marrying your siblings to ensure purity was kept and keeping away from the ‘others’, until a raid causes the Cresswell Children to be enrolled into the local school. Their Father has taught them that everyone else in the earth are vile and disgusting creatures and that ‘modern medicine’ is full of chemicals that will cause them more harm.

Confused and Conflicted the Cresswell Children will be trialled and tested with their beliefs including whether their father is responsible for their upbringing. A real novel of discovery.

I fell hard for this novel from the moment I heard about it and was not able to put it down, I put myself in their place in regards to knowing no different to what my father has told and taught me and suddenly coming to the sensation that may just be wrong. You will be pushed onto the edge of your seat and have your mouth open in horror and awe in a matter of minutes.

This is the debut novel from Eliza Wass and after a novel of complete suspense I am intrigued to read her second novel. 

Please note there are two different printed titles for this novel – in Australia it is printed as In the Dark, In the Woods whereas in the US it is printed as The Cresswell Plot.

I gave this novel 5 out of 5 stars on Goodreads 

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How to Study while you Travel

How to study while you travel – Whether you’re taking a short holiday or going on a worldwide tour, combining travel with study can be a difficult balancing act but it can be done.

When you’re away from home, there are times when you may not have anything to do and this time could be put to better use. Below are some of the main things to consider if you intend to study while you travel.


When you’re travelling, there are plenty of reasons to get distracted and not spend enough time studying. To combat this, it’s vital to create a strict schedule for your studies and your holiday activities. This will lead to a more enjoyable and productive holiday.

Online Courses

The internet has broken down many of the barriers that once existed and this is particularly true when it comes to education. Once you have a broadband connection and a device that accesses the internet, you can study at any time, from any location in the world. For instance, if you want to become a master in public health, there is a wide range of online MPH programs available from recognised institutions like the University of Southern California. These types of online courses are usually more flexible than classroom based courses, where you have to attend lectures, submit assessments and take exams at specific times and dates.

Access to the Internet

Before you leave home, make sure the destinations you will be going to have good broadband coverage. This is particularly important if you are doing an online course, have to access content over the net or need to communicate with fellow student and lecturers.

Stay Fresh and Healthy

It’s easy to develop bad habits when you’re on the road, which can affect you physically and mentally. This is bad news if you need time to concentrate and learn new things. Eating healthy food, getting plenty of rest and sleep and staying hydrated, especially if you are visiting a hot country are all simple, yet effective ways to stay fresh and ready to face into your college work.

Access to the Appropriate Equipment

Certain types of equipment are required so that you can study more effectively. Make sure you bring everything you need with you and have access to all of the tools and resources you need while you’re away. The most obvious items include a laptop, chargers, a cell phone, software and any books or notes that are required.

Timing of Assessments

Time flies when you’re having fun and it’s easy to forget important milestones in the course you are taking, so you should ensure that you are aware of when assessments and exams are due. Planning for important upcoming events in your course calendar will prevent any stressful or embarrassing situations that could affect your studies.

It may seem impossible to be able to travel and still have enough time to study. However, putting a solid plan in place and sticking to it gives you the opportunity to have a never to be forgotten trip away and still manage to pass your exams with flying colours.

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