Packing and Preparing the necessities for Study Abroad

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One thing I would have loved to do when I was younger was to study abroad, but now in my crazy lifestyle that dream is literally just a dream.

If you are considering taking your studying abroad you have probably thought how you could fit your entire life in suitcase, how to stay in touch with your friends and also how you can fund small trips to emerge yourself in the complete lifestyle of the area you are studying abroad.

Today I am sharing some tips for getting organised and ready for your new move abroad


Clothing is an essential item to take with you, the seasoned traveller may be able to take a backpack but if it was me I would find it a completely overwhelming task to choose clothes for a long period of time. Whilst you can always purchase more clothing it is a great idea to do some research into the weather, there is no point packing your summer swimmers if it will snow more than half of your time overseas.

Check the cultural and traditional clothing of the area you are staying at, you will be a part of their community for a period of time. It is also recommended you review their laws as laws change state to state and country to country. Pack your clothes in vacuum bags to save space, but be careful. Just because the clothes are compact, that doesn’t mean they weigh any less.


Smartphones are the one thing that we know that will work with us wherever we decide to study abroad. Switching to an international plan can be easier with capped services through a variety of global providers. Even though you are leaving your home country, you don’t need to leave your nice smartphone behind. There’s a good chance that your phone is only set up for domestic use, but with some carriers you can easily switch to an international plan. Smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, can come in handy for a multitude of reasons while you’re traveling, beyond just being able to call and text home. For instance, you can use translation apps, get directions and more when you use your T-Mobile data plan abroad.

Computer and Internet

For school and personal usage, you will want to bring along your laptop from home. Thankfully, most cities and many rural areas have access to the internet and Wi-Fi. Again, this is something you can research before you leave home. Your host family, dorm or other living arrangement may already have internet set up, but in some cases you may need to buy a router and service on your own. You don’t have to do much to prepare your computer. Just buy an outlet adapter for whatever country you’ll be in (something you’ll need to do for all of your electronics.)

Small Trinkets

Small items from home may not seem like necessities, but they can provide comfort and familiarity when you’re in a new, foreign location. Take key pieces that spark joy when you are feeling down whether it is your favourite novel, some photos of family and friends or even your favourite comfort item. Consider also packing some items to give new friends on your travels from your home town like chocolates, lollies or even a small token that includes a world known landmark. These items are a small gesture that will be appreciated for years to come.

Packing for studying abroad can be stressful, but with some preparation it can be an organised and practical for your new temporary home. Take time before you leave to learn about your temporary host country and think of all possible scenarios you may need to pack for. Set up as much as you can prior to your visit and prepare to enjoy an unforgettable experience!

Blocks 51-60 #100days100blocks

The days are going quicker and today marks Day 60 and we are well into the second half of the sew along.

I have really enjoyed creating, sharing, discussing and swooning over all the blocks from all over the world. The fabrics chosen are simply stunning. I am creating mine with 10 different Tula Pink fabric ranges and will continue these over the next 40 blocks

I am posting my blocks for my own reference and also to create a timeline of the process of making the complete quilt.

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Book Blast – Gamer Girl by Glynis Astie

Gamer Girl
By author: Glynis Astie
Release Date: May 31, 2016
Genre: Romantic Comedy


Struck by tragedy at an early age, Meri Palmer escaped into the only world she understood. Within the virtual realm of online gaming, she lived a life filled with mythical creatures and thrilling adventures, where she was strong, powerful, clever, and beautiful—everything she believed she wasn’t in real life. As the years went by, her desire to cling to her cherished fantasyland only grew stronger.

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Pineapple Splice Mini Quilt Tutorial


Summer is literally around the corner in Australia and one of the best indications of summer for me is access to the most delightful fruits so I decided I would put my love for summer, fruits and fabric together to make my Pineapple Splice Mini Quilt.

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September Book Haul

If you follow me on Goodreads you would know there is no way I need to add more books to my TBR but like fabric I can not resist the temptation to buy more books. This month was another restrained month, but there were a lot of preorders which will be coming over the next couple of months.

This month I added the following books to my TBR 

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

After seeing Rainbow Rowell when she visited Australia I knew I had to read Fangirl, I have heard so much about this book and the pastel cover won my heart over out of all the books. I am excited to read this! 

You know me well by Nina LaCour and David Levithan 

After hearing David read this to a room full of capitvated listeners I knew I had to purchase this book. I have read it in the last few days and it was a book I should have read a long time ago. My review will be on the site shortly.

V for Violet by Alison Rattle

I received this book at the recent YAfanfest – I do not know much about it but look forward to reading it 

Bullet Catcher by Joaquin Lowe

I received this book at the recent YAfanfest – I do not know much about it but look forward to reading it 

Stealing Snow by Danielle Paige

The anticipation is high for this novel after hearing about it at the Sydney Writers Festival earlier this year, I have since heard mixed reviews about it so I look forward to reading it

So that was my September Book Haul – what books did you add to your TBR last month? 

Have you read any of these books or recommend a book that I should get in my next book haul?